Chapter 147

"Do we really have to park the car there, Ghino? I mean, not that I'm worried but how are we supposed to get back to New York without a car?" Nathan mentioned he's not worried but the tone of his voice tells me the other way around.

He cannot let go of the car when it bestowed us a wonderful memory last night. And it has been rare that Nathan and I could have spent time together as special as last night that was worth remembering. He proposed to me. I disagreed because I have my reasons.

But in the end, my heart realized there are no reasons for me to say no despite everything that happened in our lives. Seeing us together putting each other's rings in front of our friends and families was worth imagining.

"Didn't you realize we were walking on a rocky and descending surface, Nathan?" My mood last night was completely ruined by Roger and his daughter's appearance. Talking with Nathan was even greatly affected as I just raised my voice at him.

"Are you still mad at
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