Chapter 148

"Excuse me?" I asked, somewhat furious and guilty.

"What else could it be the other reason we put you in a cage, huh, young wolf?" I immediately pointed my gaze to the ground when she shifted back into her human form.

In a few seconds, Nathan, Roger, and his daughter appeared with their hands knotted with chains and were assisted by a bunch of wolves.

"So much for the plan, huh?" Roger spit saliva on the ground leaving his sharp gaze on me. Perhaps Nathan has already told him about our other plan that so happened which also failed.

"Nathan! What are you gonna do with them?" I tried to remove those chains that were locked up in my hands and ankles but my wolf could not make it. Most of my strengths were used up last night with Nathan.

"Apology, but we don't trust your allies, Ghino Frost of the Blue Moon Pack!" She mentioned my name aloud and clear. But how? I haven't introduced myself yet.

As far as I could remember, the only one who was introduced earlie
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