Chapter 149

{Nathan's POV}

"What do you think of the reason Ghino got separated from us"? Roger impatiently muttered to his daughter. It has been an hour since we got locked up in the cage. The worst part is that my senses could barely reach his scent.

"I don't know. Maybe that female alpha is having a pep talk with him. Perhaps she already knew Ghino was lying to her. I mean, what else could be the reason he got separated, right"? his daughter muttered back.

"You're right about that, young lady. Because of that, Ghino will be hung to death before the night will end". The female alpha suddenly appeared in front of the cage we were in. "Do you have any last word to your beloved, Ghino, huh, Prince Nathan"? she pointed her gaze at me.

I don't have any idea how she knew about my relationship with Ghino. But I know Ghino will not unfold that piece of information to anyone as I did back in the casino which almost cost his life.

"What did you do to him? Where is he"? I could sen
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