Chapter 152

I could not believe he punched me back. After all the good things that happened to us, he punched me back in the face. As I see it, several drops of blood came out of his hands when we got removed from each other.

But it did not stop me from hating him to the deepest part of my bone. I could not care less about him anymore. There was no more space for the guilt that can fit into my heart aside from regrets, resentment, and the feeling of being betrayed.

All this time I let myself believe that Ghino has been on my side since the day we know each other. And that love for us, despite the uttered indifference and forbidden, can become real in the future. But I was mistaken.

If I could have known this to happen in the future, I should have just let him die when my parents paid someone to kill him because he was misleading me on the road which I believe was right for me. That helps me realize that what I am can be accepted by the majority, not just the humans but the werewol
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