Chapter 153

What shocked me the most was when he opened his eyes. No. His eyes were already opened since we arrived in the cave. Could he still see without his eyes? For five hundred years?

"You knew about us?" Ghino asked in full surprise.

"Scott, I'll leave Ghino with you in the meantime so you two could catch up. Don't worry, he's an ally. He can be trusted." the female alpha said. Then, she dragged us out of the cave as part of Ghino's one condition earlier.

Roger and his daughter wanted to stay because they don't trust the female wolf. To at least Ghino could have his backup if things with Scott go south. Sadly, Ghino wanted to have privacy with Scott.

I don't know what kind of conversation they are going to talk about but it might have something to do with what the female alpha told us earlier. About Ghino's future and nightmares.

My wolf has a few questions stored in my brain but I could not believe Ghino forbid me to talk to Scott after what I did to him earlier.
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