Chapter 155

Without hesitation, I hopped out of the car and shifted into a wolf after seeing those three newly-bitten wolves approaching in our direction.

Even from the distance, I could feel their hunger and urge to see blood on their claws and fangs. And from what I could sense, Victor's wolf scents were marked and sealed on them. It means that they were humans Victor recruited recently.

The worst part is that I could barely sense any signs of mercy in their expressions. Victor intentionally left them to kill whoever they could see. That was all the nightmares about. He let me believe it was me who killed those piled-up bodies in my dream but it was his new wolves' doing.

"Ghino... don't!" Nathan yelled at me but it was already too late when I jumped on the wolves and attacked them one by one which also left Scott and Nathan no choice but to follow.

Roger and his daughter also helped.

"Ghino, leave these three omegas with us. You better check the tunnels if they're still
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