Chapter 156

"How does it differ when you go there alone without any chance of killing the murderer of your parents, Nathan? If you want to die there, I'll go with you. But we must have a plan. A divine plan. Will you trust me on this one for the last time?" Then, I shifted back into a human and offered a hand to him.

Nathan stared at my hands hanging in the air for a few seconds. And it somehow hurt me when it already takes a minute, yet he did not reach out to my hands.

"But this is my fight, Ghino. You've done enough for me and the pack. I don't want to accuse you again." Nathan felt sorry for what happened between us back in the town. Then, I felt at ease when he grabbed my hand.

"Even if you will accuse me a million times, Nathan, I know in my heart I will never do that to you. From the day my wolf fell in love with you, I took an oath to protect you even if it cost my life." Despite the news that befell Nathan, I forced a smile at him, thinking it might change his mood.

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