Chapter 159

{Nathan's POV}

The next morning, I woke up on the bed alone with Ghino's pillows lying on the floor. After putting them back, I quickly jumped out of the bed and descended to the first floor to help everyone with the final preparation for the battle against Victor and his wolves.

"How's everything?" I asked Scott when he was the first wolf who greeted my eyes the second I hopped out of the elevator.

"Everything's ready, Prince Nathan. Have you checked about any updates from Roger?" Scott asked back.

My hands quickly reached out to my phone in my pocket to check out of I got notified by Roger or his daughter. The second my eyes landed on the screen, I immediately called back when there were four missed calls from Roger's name.

"I got a missed call from Roger," I muttered to Scott while the phone from the other line kept ringing. After a few attempts at reaching out to Roger's digits, my calls were already directing me to his mailbox.

And I don't know what to
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