Chapter 160

As soon as the ten armoured cars started trekking to the main entrance of the football field, continuous sounds of gunshots immediately arose. Howlings and moans also reverberated in our ears; our indications for me, Scott, and Lilith to head to the back entrance of the football field.

As expected, Victor's wolves also greeted us when we reached the mouth of the entrance. Luckily, there were only six of them who were stationed at the back.

Despite the fact that we are still outnumbered, I'm confident enough that we can defeat them with the help of Scott's true alpha power, especially when he already regained much of his power. I may not join them in his training with Ghino, but I can sense he was also regaining his strength and power in silence.

"Nathan, leave these wolves to us. Better find Ghino as soon as possible. Right now, he was the most valuable wolf amongst us. He should not die and be saved at all costs. Do you understand me?" Scott made sure the message wil
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