Chapter 161

The next thing that happened was when I found myself lying on the ground covered in blood. And my eyes enlarged when the scent of the blood was not mine but Scott's. So, I shortly checked my chest if I got wounded by Ghino's claws. There's none.

Then, I dragged my eyes back to Scott as my eyes saw how deep the penetration was when a few drops of blood got ejected from his body while removing Ghino's hands from him.

Scott turned around, ignored those drops of blood coming out of his chest, and pointed his sharp gaze at Victor. Knowing what Scott could do, Victor stepped back and shifted into a wolf. A huge terrifying wolf. It was my first time seeing him transformed into a gigantic wolf.

No wonder even alphas like my dad, Vladimir, and Cerberus are terrified of him. Who could not be? His werewolf body size was three or five times bigger than Scott's wolf size. However, Scott showed no fear of his shocking transformation.

He crawled closer and closer to Victor with
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