“You’ll be driving Rina to school,’ Mother spoke up, tone firm.

I cannot, to save my damn life, believe that this was what was happening right here, right now. Madre literally stood her ground, her thin lips further flattened by her deadpan expression.

For the billionth time, I'd got to say: this was a joke. Madre had got to be pulling my legs. Maybe it was part of her "antics". One time, she'd found my gaming console lying carelessly on the floor and hid it as a way of teaching me a lesson. Now, that'd happened a long time ago. However, I couldn't help but think in that direction. Madre had been quite pissed, given that I hadn't consulted her before making Rina my maid.

"Excuse me?" I wanted to be sure I'd misheard Madre. "I don't understand."

"What don't you understand? Driving Rina to school and helping her locate her hall?"

"Yes, that part." My voice was unbelievably calm despite the raging inferno in me. I still wanted to get the situation straight.

Madre simp
Nita Ogueri

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Anita Crh
Oh I’m laughing so much it’s freakn brilliant how he’s in a war with himself lol lol now we need a female friend for Rina who’ll help her dress to kill him lol

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