Padre? Madre? There's something I want to tell you. Zia… Zia. I'm..." I shut my eyes, shaking my head. No, that wasn't how to put it.

I tried again. "Buonginoro, Padre [and] Madre. [Did you sleep well?] I…"

"Vincenzo!" Madre's voice interrupted. I whipped my head from the mirror, directing it to the door.


"[What are you doing there]?" Her voice drew nearer. She opened the door. "You want to be left behind?"

I shook my head in embarrassment and picked my backpack from the bed. Madre and I left the room and got outside. Padre was ready seated in the limo. I sat between Padre and Madre. We were going to the airport, on a trip to Dublin. Although I'd heard how beautiful the city was, I wasn't keen on the trip. Rather, I wanted to bear out my heart, telling Padre and Madre what they were supposed to know.

In spite of the immense urge to do so, I could get the words out. Not knowing what their reaction would be was terrifying. The confession might backfire. Madr
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