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She bowed to the Luna before getting seated.

"Rina, take your seat too."

Just like her son, her face was blank which worsened my fright. It'd have been better if I'd spotted a frown. At least, I'd be ready for the worst.

I threw Mammà a glance. Her eyes flicked from me to the Luna. The poor woman was confused, all thanks to my dumb self.

I drew out the chair next to her and was about sitting when the Luna spoke up.

"No, stay beside Vincenzo. You two are a pair."

I didn't know what to make out of that statement. Holding my breath, I dropped next to my nemesis. His eyes flicked to me and I had the furious urge to gorge them out. The fool. He'd make it obvious that we—he…that something odd existed between us.

I glanced at Mammà again. I could tell from how tense her brows were that she itched to know what was going on.

The Luna rang the table bell and a maid appeared. Each one of us was served. It was surprising because Mammà and I weren't left out from the desert and sparkli
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