hot mess


I came down to the chair and placed my text on the table. Staring back at me was the worst of the worst: Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets. Some days—like now—I wondered why I'd settled for a major in Finance. There wasn't any reason other than my parents' approval. Quite an irony, considering that I disagreed with them on everything. It turned out that I'd been a lost sheep. I hadn't a clear vision of what I wanted to do. So, rather than giving Madre more reasons to doubt me, I settled for what had been on the table.

I finally got a choice a month after first year, but couldn't imagine deferring my admission to start all over. Instead, I'd endure this hell of a major and wait till after graduation. Again, I looked to be at an advantage, as my degree in Finance would come in handy when I started Law school.

Exams were in full swing now. Started of last Thursday, and I haven't had any breathing space ever since. My department was notorious for being on the f
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