He became Geek, She became Popular
He became Geek, She became Popular
Author: Cohen07

Chapter 1: Their New Personas

           "I'm sorry I'm late for our date. But I'm on my way. I just got into traffic. All right, bye!" Sherluck pocketed her cellphone and then paid for the taxi.

        She chose to walk instead. She is, after all, near to where her boyfriend was.

       She was crossing the street when she was nearly run over by a speeding automobile.

         Fortunately, she managed to dodge it. She did, however, fall on the road.

      The motorist came to a complete stop but did not apologize or offer assistance. But...

        "Hey, miss! Look at what you're passing by. Tsk! You ugly and foolish beast!" the guy exclaimed before roaring his engine.

       Sherluck, on the other hand, was taken aback. She still wouldn't be able to go if she hadn't remembered that she still had a date.

       She became enraged toward attractive men after that day. Because her boyfriend, Tristan, dumped her on that day, and Sherluck discovered that her boyfriend had only toyed with her over a bet.


       When Fred saw what his friend Dustin looked like, he exclaimed, "Woah! What happened to you, bro?"

       Dustin confidently declares, "Well, this is the new me."

       "Seriously?" Will can't believe what he's seeing. He was also a friend of Dustin's.

      He thickened her eyebrows and put on a wig with bangs in addition to the thick mirror. He also wore a sloppy shirt that he tucked into his slacks.

       Seb inquired, "Is that part of your concealment from your women?" The group's serious personality.

       He smirked at his friends, "Yeah, and call me Anthony from now on. Dustin's handsome cousin."

       "That's why you told them you were going to the States," Divo, the group's clown, explained.

     Fred asked, his brow furrowed, "Are you sure about this, bro? Won't they recognize you?"

       "Would they recognize him if we almost didn't recognize him? Dude, you're rocking it!" Divo remarked, "Nice makeover, dude!"

      "I'm still more attractive than you!" He declares, "I won't remain close to you at university, so they won't notice me!" He vows to hide from the women who are obsessed with him.

      Will inquired, "Whatever, bro! Can you stand it?"

      "Of course. You'll see guys. This plan of mine will surely work." He is confident in what he thinks.

       "I can't believe you, Dustin," Seb replied, shaking his head. "What is that procedure changing your identity to find your true love?"

         "Let's see how long your scheme lasts, Mr. Playboy," Divo says.

        Dustin's idea has the support of his pals. And the students at the university where they were studying did not recognize him. Especially the women he wants to avoid. He was fed up with their obsession with him. As a result, he considered disguising himself.

      The school director, in addition to his friends, is aware of his impersonation. He was allowed because of his parents' connection.

        Now, he has to get used to his new identity. And he has to be careful not to get caught.

        He is ready to find the woman he will take seriously this time.

       Will anyone like him because of his appearance?


     "We can't really reach your beauty, girl; imagine boys drooling over you!" exclaimed Jessie, Sherluck's best friend.

    "Sorry to say, Sherluck has no interest in them," says another of her friends, Katelyn.

   "Leave them alone; they'll get tired too," he said, ignoring what his friends were saying.

       "Why don't you try again in love, Sher? Not all men are like your ex," Jessie suggested.

     "Right! Because you are a nice person, and you are gorgeous now, I'm sure someone would seriously love you," Katelyn stated.

       "Just because I'm beautiful? Because I'm no longer the geek and ugly sherluck?" grumbled Sherluck.

     "Oh, your poise has vanished; just relax, okay? What's your plan now that you're back?" Jessie inquired.

     "Yeah, you've been in Japan for two years; will you exact revenge on your ex?" Katelyn inquired.

      "No, I just want to show him now that I'm okay, and this is the former geek who he cheated on and played on, and now I'm not going to fool around and go to the handsome but fake ones," Sherluck said, fierce and confident.

      "That's right, girl! Be brave and confident!" Katelyn encouraged her.

         "We're happy for you, girl; you're finally okay now," Jessie said as she hugged her.

       "Yeah, we're so happy for you!" Katelyn exclaimed, joining in the hug.

        "Thank you, guys; I miss you so much; come on, let's eat," Sherluck  said before they could burst into tears.

  Katelyn exclaimed, "Your treat?"

    "Well, it's supposed to be your treat, isn't it?" Sherluck joked.

"You're still stingy, bff," Jessie says.

       "Yeah, you haven't changed," Katelyn joked.

       "Isn't it good, at the very least?" Sherluck, too, cracked a joke.

       They simply laughed and proceeded to the cafeteria.


        Many people will notice her new look, as Sherluck predicted. Men who adore beautiful women, for the most part.

       Unlike before, he was frequently bullied and insulted. Even by female colleagues. They claimed it was due to her ugliness.

      This is how the world appears today. Those who are not blessed with good looks are frequently bullied and exploited. While the most beautiful are the most adored. But it also does not last. They either become repulsive or dissatisfied with them.

       But, with his new persona, no one can put Sherluck down.


        Dustin, on the other hand, hopes that no one will recognize him. But he did not anticipate the treatment he would receive as a result of his new persona.

       The women who used to almost adore him now appear to be disgusted with him and are all avoiding him.

       The men who befriended him and used him to attract women are now bullying him. And disgusted by his new persona.

     If only they'd known who he was. They're definitely crawling in front of him right now. That is what he was thinking.

     But at the very least, he discovered that they were not true to him. They hadn't even noticed him. Simply because of his geekiness. He considers them all to be worthless.

       Dustin and Sherluck are both attempting to appear normal in their new personas.

         But what if the two of them cross paths?

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