Chapter 12

After the parade of the opening salvo, sports were held immediately. While Amalia and I were waiting for Kuya Mon, to go home. We had just come out of the gate when we both stopped walking. I think Amalia and I saw the same thing. Leaning on his car and looking at us ... at me. He straightened up and started walking towards us.

"Amalia ... do you see what I see?" I asked her just making sure.

"Yes, GG. Your future is walking closer to us,“ she replied.

"Hi." He greeted us when we approached. His gaze was only on me.

"Hello Brother! Why are you here?" Amalia asked. I could not speak. I don't know why, but I already feel a lot of nervousness in my chest.

"I had some business in Manila ... so I haven't been back for a long time," he replied to Amalia before his gaze went to me.

He looked behind me and turned his gaze back to me.

"Intramurals?" he asked me and I nodded.

"Then, where are you two going?" he asked in surprise because we were the only students outside.

"We're going home." I answered.

His forehead furrowed and his smile gradually faded. I now frown.

"Great! They're already waiting for us at the creek,“ he replied and immediately pulled me.

"They? Who are they Kuya?" Amalia asked him.

"My friends..." he said and Amalia and I looked at each other.

I could see a different kind of joy on Amalia's face. I knew what was on her mind. Her eyes almost twinkled with delight.

"Kuya, were you with the person you talked to in the video call before?" Amalia asked curiously even though we had just gotten into the car.

Elton laughed slightly and shook his head before he turned to Amalia behind us.

"Do you have a crush on Mozes?" Elton raised an eyebrow at her while she grinned too much. Isn'ts he ashamed to reveal it to other people?

"Yes Kuya. Introduce me, okay." she pleads with Elton.

"Alright." Elton replied and he started the car.

Why are his friends here? And why are they in the creek?

When we arrived at the creek, I immediately saw the luxurious cars. We went down immediately and the men with the two women turned to us.

The men whistled when they saw us and the others waved.

Elton walked past us as Amalia pulled me backwards.

"GG! Look! Who are those two women?" she asked me emphatically.

"Don't ask me, Amalia. We both don't know ... and we don't care who those women are." I said boredly.

"Hey, come on." Elton called us.

We were getting closer to the group and they had big smiles. They are all swimming at the river.

"My man ... that's bad." The men laugh and a woman laugh as well. While one woman barely smiled.

"Shut the fuck up, Mozes." Elton answered forcefully and sat down on the rock after he took off his clothes. Now, all the men are half naked.

"Hi! Are you friends with Elton? I'm Zella." said the beautiful woman and she held out her hand to me.

"Uh ... yes ... we're his friends. Georgina." I introduced myself and we shook hands.

"Hi, Suzie here." A woman said and just waved so I just nodded.

"Dude, make her ripen first. Tsk." Said the guy named Taiden.

I can't get what he means. But I just never thought of that. I saw that Amalia was busy talking to them.

"It's nice here. Why did we just now think to follow this idiot? Dale by the way, " said the man and sat down on the big rock.

"You're not coming back here. And why are you following me? Don't you know about the thing called privacy?" he said irritably to the friends but they just laughed.

"Privacy my ass. You almost never go home to Manila!" Mozes exclaimed. "Now we know,“ he added.

"Know what?" Suzie asked him.

Mozes just smiled and looked at me so Suzie's stare went to me. I don't know if my eyes was fooling me but I saw her roll her eyes at me.

I went to the far side of the creek with a large rock. Amalia followed me.

"Hey. What's the matter?" she asked and leaned over me.

I shook my head. "Suzie, she looks irritated at me." I told Amalia. She looked at Suzie who was still looking at me.

"I did notice het stares at you, GG. She looks angry. But why would she be angry with you, when you just met?" Amalia asked in astonishment and even I was wondering.

"I also do not know,“ I answered.

"Hey! Why are you there? Come back here!" the guy named is Macsen shouted at us.

"Come on. They might think we're talking about them, GG." Said Amalia and went down from the large rock.

"Ca’t deny.“ I raised an eyebrow in response to Amalia and she just laughed away from me. She returned to the group and sat down in the water, next to Mozes.

I could see Elton approaching so I was about to go down but he spoke.

"Stay." He said so I was able to return to my seat. He leaned over me and I gave space between us. He noticed that and saw his forehead furrowed at what I had done.

I heard him take a deep breath as if he was carrying something heavy.

"About that kiss," he initially said. Suddenly my heartbeat became violent so I bit my lower lip.

Why is he talking about it again? I forgot that!

"Let's not talk about that ... Brother." I answered him and I turned to him and saw astonishment on his face.

"Brother? Didn't I say-."

"You're older than me. So I should just call you Kuya and not Elton." I cut him off.

"What happened?" he asked while staring at me but I averted my gaze.

"N-Nothing. I just thought ... it's wrong to just call you by your name."

"Are you mad at me?" he asked emphatically so I turned to him.

"Huh? No. Why would I be angry?" I asked him, confused.

He opened his mouth because it looked like he was going to say something to me, but someone shouted from the group.

"Snake! There's a snake!" Suzie screamed in horror and Dale approached her but she avoided it. Instead, she goes to where we are.

Everyone climbed on the rocks and looked at the water.

"Elton, there's a snake." she said fearfully and Elton got down from the rock. He went to Suzie and Suzie hugged him.

If earlier I thought that my eyes were fooking me. But now, I could clearly see her eyes rolling at me.

What's her problem?

"It's just nothing. We do laundry here so often so we always see those kind od snakes,“ said Amalia.

"I'm scared! Fuck." Macsen replied and the men laughed.

"You're an embarrassment! You're scared with snake?" Taiden laughed.

"Aren't you scared? Why are you on top of a rock like me?" he raised an eyebrow at Taiden.

"I was just shocked. I don't know about you." at the same time he stared at Macsen.

I noticed Dale looking at Suzie hugging Elton.

Because of what happened, everyone got out of the water and returned to their vehicles.

"We'll be back here. It's so relaxing to dip in the water!" Zella said to me happily.

"All right. Be careful on your way home,“ I answered and Taiden nodded at me.

"Bye Georgy. We'll be back." Macsen shouted at me inside his car. Everyone did the same.

"You're not coming?" Suzie asked Elton.

"No. I'll check my house,“ he replied here. I didn't look at them because I was afraid I would see Suzie look at me badly again.

"Suzie likes Elton," Amalia suddenly spoke next to me.

"How can you say so?" I asked.

"Just ... I know. I feel it, GG."

I don’t have to be surprised at what Amalia said. It was obvious from Suzie's actions.

If she only knew what’s on my mind, she wouldn't be annoyed with me anymore.

Okay, I got a slight crush on him. But he’s also too old for me.

All I wanted in a man is about Joseph's age.

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