Chapter 41: Protection

Ivor's POV

I returned to the hotel, and as soon as I got out of the car, Lia approached me and asked about the negotiation with Mr. Ahmed. I saw the disappointment on Lia's face when I said that the negotiation had failed.

Lia expected a lot that this negotiation could be a success. She wanted to negotiate directly with Mr. Ahmed. If I said yes, that would mean that Mr. Ahmed's wish would come true. I remembered his smug look when he thought that his money could buy Lia. Anger invaded me. I tried to hide it in a cold voice.

I turned down her offer. Lia was angry, but that was no reason for me to change my mind.

I sighed, feeling stressed and irritated.

However, she still tried to convince me. I had never seen her so patient with anything like that. As soon as she seemed to want to contact Mr. Ahmed herself, I prevented her from doing so. I couldn't control my anger, and I ordered as a habit, “I won't agree to that contract no matter what. And, stop contacting him."

But I immediately r
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