Chapter 48: Mark

Lia's POV

I finished my flight and picked up my luggage. I went out of the airport and opened the phone that I had bought from the mother of Elie's boyfriend.

I frowned when the location showed Elie had moved to a poor California neighborhood. Only last night, she was still staying at a hotel in California. Did Ivor's subordinates go to California, and she had to run away?

I rented a cab, and I went to where Elie lived. It was a shipping container house in a poor neighborhood. I pursed my lips, looking at Elie's location again to confirm that she was here.

I approached the house and knocked, but no one opened the door. I knocked again, but nothing changed. I frowned. What was going on, after all? Was Elie not here or did she not open the door because she was on the run from Ivor's pursuit? I pressed my ear against the door and hoped I could hear something inside the house.

Fortunately, I heard the glass falling on the fur carpet. There was someone in the room. It must be Elie. I l
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