Chapter 60

I didn't know how to respond to her and I didn't want to, so I smiled at her and was silent.

“I heard what happened that day. It was amazing how calm you could still be when you saw me,”she laughed; her gaze was provocative.

That day? She meant the day I found out Ivor had a new mistress and thought he had betrayed me?

I remembered how pathetic I was that day and couldn't sustain my smile any longer. I ignored her.

Ivor's mistress laughed and said,“I feel so lucky that you don't hate me like any other girl who was betrayed. Well, you weren't betrayed in the first place, anyway?"

Her words absolutely angered me. I wanted to answer her ironically. But if I did, I would feel like I was still stupidly in love with Ivor.

“Oh, lady, I don't understand the whole thing you're saying. You say I hate you? Ha-ha. That's not true. How can I be jealous of my boss' mistresses? I feel grateful to them, because they have been the ones who indirectly gave me a job.”

Yeah, if I looked at things the oth
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