Author: Dolly



When I heard my husband's car outside, I leapt to my feet. Even though I was terrified of what he may do to me again, I was able to calm myself down. He'd just arrived home, despite the fact that it was past twelve o'clock. And I know he's drunk again, even though I haven't met him yet.

What's new about it, by the way? He's always like this. He always acts like a brokenhearted and sadistic person in front of me.

I sighed.

We've been together for three years, yet nothing has changed in our lives since I married him. It's still exactly like it was before. My husband abuses me with hurtful words and physical torture. Nonetheless, I love him and believe he is the only one I will ever love.

I was exhausted with my situation, but that wasn't enough to urge me to leave Cedric, my husband. I first fell in love with this man. Cedric owns my heart, so it's easy for him to crush it. Because of a predicament, he married me, and I always heard him blame me on numerous occasions.

I rushed to Cedric's aid when the door opened when he staggered, but he ignored me regardless of the fact that I hadn't touched him fully.

"Annabelle, don't you dare to touch your filthy hands on me!" I was caught off guard by the ferocity of his shout. Despite this, I didn't even keep my distance from him any further for me to be able to help him if he ever collapsed.

"Just give me a chance to help you." I stammer as I plead to him. My whole body is trembling. I felt intimidated when Cedric stood in front of me. I felt like I'm about to choke. However, do you know just what is strange? I yearn to be by his side all the time.

My love for my husband is unquestionable. He has my heart. My affections for him have remained unchanged over the years. If anything had changed, it was just that I was much more in love with him. I'm aware of what we both have now. And for me, what we have right now is a borrowed time. But I'm still longing for the day when he sees me for who I really am.

When we're not together, I'm curious about what he is doing. Most importantly, I'd like to know who is with him.

Before, Cedric respected me as a woman even though he didn’t love me, but now, it’s not the same story.

Cedric tripped over his own foot and almost collapsed to the floor when he made another step. I couldn't seem to keep my hand in his.

"Didn't I say you weren't supposed to touch me?" He grabbed my arm and drew me very close to him. He violently held my jaw and looked at me with his eyes glazed over even before we pressed our bodies together.

"Hon, I'm in a lot of pain..." To numb the ache, I closed my eyes. Unfortunately, I had already been slapped hard even before I opened my eyes. The next thing I knew, I was already on the floor, sitting because of the force of his slap.

I stared at him as I cried. My eyes gain insight, but I am unable to speak since I am still unable to open my mouth. Cedric's cold glance brings tears to my eyes. I could tell he didn't give a damn about me by the look on his face. He thinks I'm trash, a useless bitch who ruined his very own fairytale.

I reached out to him with my hand extended. "C-Cedric." The tone of my voice trembled.

As I caressed him, he asked, "You know I can’t love you, right? I can never love you, Annabelle. Do you know why? Because you are not Angelica. You are not Angelica whom I am willing to risk my life just to be with her!" He pulled my hair and gave me a cold stare. "However, Angelica disappeared from me like a bubble as an outcome of what you did! This life with you is a curse!"

"Do I have to tell you how many times I didn't do what you accuse me of?" In my eyes, tears welled up.

Back then, I couldn't even defend myself. I've been the one suffering from sin that I didn't commit for more than three years. Cedric and Angelica's controversy, as well as my own, became well-known. We were in the news nearly every day for a month.

Everyone was judgemental towards me. They always said cruel things to me even though they didn't know me personally. Some even wish for me to die.

I might have gone insane years ago if it hadn't been for someone who just believed in me. And it was Cedric's brother.

"W-what must I do in order for you to forgive me?" In my voice, there's a plea. I got to my knees though I was still shaking, but the words from my husband sapped practically all of my power. I gave him a long look. I can't seem to get enough air. "W-wait a minute, what d-did you say?"

Cedric gave me a grin. Because of seeing me, I believe he lost his intoxicatedness. He was delighted to see how miserable I was.

He said again, "I hope you will die because it's the only way I can run away from you. I want you to die so that this suffering I am experiencing will soon be gone."

“C-Cedric…” I'm having trouble breathing. I was hurt by what he said. My ears had never heard anything like that before. I never expected him to say those things. "B-but I'm your w-wife." Those words from me were weak, just like the owner of the voice. Even though it was hardly audible, the message got through to him.

"I married you to save my name from shame and save Angelica's family from the shame caused by what you did, and you know that, right?" He smirked, but hatred was visible in his eyes. "Because you are so brilliant at planning, you have bound me to this hellish existence."

I was trembling. I put my hands over my ears and covered them both. "E-enough…" I begged. "I'm not i-interested in hearing a-anything else you've got to say. You're j-just drunk…."

In point of fact, he did not demonstrate any pity for me by continuing to talk to me in spite of my predicament. "I am legally supposed to be your husband. But despite everything, I will never love you. I'm sorry, but I just can't relate to what you're going through because if I have to make a decision between loving you and taking my own life, I'd rather be dead for all eternity. Because of the situation, we are in together, I am slowly being killed every day beside you…" Protection Status