Chapter 14


As Armando emerged from the bathroom and strobe towards the bed with nothing but boxers that I should thank him for; giving me a tough time to remain in my straight mind. I took a long uptight huff and rose myself from the laid position to linear - signing him my apprehensive thoughts his way,

Armando stared my body with his lustful piercing blue orbs; I gulped right there because our situation was terrible, I was not in my senses to because of my pregnancy hormones, I was too afraid to react while my mind was playing tricks on me. Due to maturation happening within me; my dubious hormones faked all my feelings for him,

that Brutus in a body of a corporeal God might be planning to kill me with his irresistant sharp features, my lord! I want to touch him so badly, I want his mouth locked with mine while his huge manhood swayes in me. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? Why am I so restive for his body, I’m craving for him, am I in my senses?

No, you’re not in your senses, Lana, from a very ve
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