Chapter 28


Armando’s P.O.V

“Master, the jet is ready to take off,” Tyler, my assistant informed me.

I was sitting on my massaging seat with one leg above another. My eyes were closed as I was lost in my kitten’s thoughts; her warm smile, those doe eyes, the blushed cheek sending shocks to my heart with a very seducing gait coming closer to me, Ahhh! I’m going all crazy for her while she’s planning to get fucked by a nobody, ain’t gonna happen even if you dream thousands of times about it, my love, your real man is coming to get you and teach you a lesson you need!

You tried escaping me but you didn’t resist him, he kidnapped you just the way I did and you are okay with him but why not me? Just because he let you do whatever you want, huh?

Swear to God, I wanted to do the same but you were too keen to sneak away that I couldn’t risk giving you any leniency. And now, when you already made me wait and suffer for you, there’s no chance of any mercy now, you’ll bear the consequences.

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