Chapter 39



Lana’s P.O.V

Armando came closer to my face toward an extent where our lips were inches away, his hold over my arm was still the same; forceful and paining me while those eyes were radiating red flags, “Armando, let go of me! You’re hurting me!” I scolded him as I forced my arm out of his fist but he didn’t move even an inch, just too busy in shaping his jaw and glaring at me,

“What lullaby did he put in your head?---That I bought you from your parents?” He deeply questioned, his eyes were still emitting an intense dreadful aura

“Ethan, Miley, go to your room I’ll be joining you both there,” I spoke, not wanting my fragile kids to be exposed with his ugly word too soon.

Both of them quietly stood up and left in no time. I could feel them low already, three of us had always been sensitive to such situations but felt like I was no longer included in a sensitive category. I got used to all of this mess.

The door got closed and I continued, “It’s not a myth, it’s the truth
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