Chapter 56


“Let’s make a baby, love,” he moaned in my ear and bit it.

I processed what he said, my eyes were holding his vulnerable side and I was undeniably getting a stronger pull toward him, maybe because of our marriage bond, I believed when spouses accept each other from hearts, they feel an indubitable attraction towards each other and it was happening in our case. My hands cupped his face, his eyes were lowered, “I demand your eyes up, Armando. Look at me and repeat me you won’t dishonour me anymore and take me as your true wife. Promise me you will behave human and you will protect me and your offspring, you won’t make them inhuman creatures. I’d been through a ride of hell and I don’t want to fight anymore, Armando, I need a normal life, a life every girl has a right to life. A year and half months back, I didn’t know that a mafia man would fall in love with me and I will stand here but here am I, so I want you to choose... Today, you need to choose between me or your killing obsess
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