Chapter 80


The buzzer nearly deafened me but I didn’t stop running away. I just wished to get out of the mansion through the hidden exit I spotted and get away before they could reach me and lock me up in a room.

I ran and ran and ran until I saw exactly what I feared not to, “No… hell no,” I whispered under my breath while pulling up my brakes. I didn't want him here, I didn’t want him to block my way.

Armando was here, he stood ahead of me, wrapped in those three-piece all-black suit with hands in his pockets but now, his arms crossed in dominance, his biceps stretched in agony, his face looked like a deadly weapon ready to murder me, he was deadpan but I was not blind to ignore his real intentions. He was inwardly revengeful, all red in wrath and ready to punish its prey.

I was on my reverse steps when I felt him plodding towards me, I feared those thick eyebrows today, the same like I feared when I first looked at them, his jaw was suffocating me like I committed a crime to be raped aga
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