Chapter 93



“Nathan,” I was left open-mouthed. My mind fuzzed up, leaving me to endure a mind-numbing feeling. I was consumed by a dilemma, not knowing if it was the same Nathan who was the very first love of my life or the man my husband killed just to save me. I still remember the day Nathan was shot before our eyes, Claire was there too; but too weak to take any action.

Yet this day, she had it all together. But how? How did he survive all along? I saw him stoned to death.

The Nathan-like-man took a step ahead, hands in his pockets as usual, his shoulders wearing confidence proudly, leaving me gulping hard. He got closer to me, shadowing my frame, towering almost above me. I raised my eyes to meet the 6’4 without moving my head.

My chest was moving continuously and the fact he was staring at it palpitated my heart. His eyes roamed up, stoning at my face. I wanted to run away, too fast, without looking behind. I felt his finger ascending just to shut my opened mouth. His finger laid
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