After taking a shower and arrange her clothes in the closet, it was about 6 in the afternoon and the sun is already setting down. She went down to checked the kitchen and found nothing in the fridge and also the cabinet. There wasn't anything to eat for dinner. so She checked all the kitchen set if there's anything that she needs to buy in the market aside from groceries before heading out. She get in the car but before she started the car. She noticed a person standing on the other side veranda which is just an opposite of her room veranda. She can't figured out if it's a man or a woman because that side was dark. The person feels like was staring at her for about 10 minutes  before it went inside the room.

Jane's pov: That's weird. Who would that be? So i have a neighbor.

Jane says to herself as she started the car and drove away to grocery store. Because she was new to the area it takes her long time to find the grocery store and to buy stuff. When she got home it's already 8 at night. She just heat up the ready to eat pixxa that she bought and a cola and sit on her sofa while watching the television.

While eating she heard the doorbell ring followed by a knock on the door. When she opened it. It was the caretaker who brought here some food.

Caretaker: I was thinking that you don't have anything to eat because you just arrived so my wife cooked something for you. Here it is.

Alex: Thank you so much. i went out side earlier to buy groceries and I'm eating pizza now. But thank you for the food.

Caretaker: Okay then. Enjoy the food and don't forget to always locked your door, okay?

Jane: Okay, Thank you.

Jane keep on staring at the caretaker as he went away, and thought about his warning on not to forget to lock her door. So she turn her head to look on the neighbor's house. It's not yet light up and the whole house is dark. She thought to herself, she just saw someone earlier but why does that house lights are still turned off?

Janne's pov: Maybe my neighbor likes dark places. Then she continue to eat her pizza and the food that was given to her by the caretaker.

After she wash the dishes, she felt tired and went up to her room to sleep.

But in the middle of the night, while jane was fast asleep. There was a person standing in front of her sliding door that is connected to her veranda. The person walked in and saw a sleeping beauty on a large bed. That person stayed there and keep on staring at the beautiful lady sleeping deeply in the middle of the huge bed.

After a while the person went out through the sliding door and closed it then jump on the branch of the tree that is cnnected to the veranda on the neighborhood house.

In the morning,  Jane woke up by the sun rays on her face. she just realized that she forgot to close her sliding door curtain last night but the she thought for a while if she only forgot to close the curtain? or also the sliding door?

But when she checked, the sliding door is closed but it's not locked. So She checked outside the veranda. There's nothing there, there's also no way a person can climb up on her veranda. But before she walk inside her room and she look back and notice a branch that is a meter away from her veranda. She tried to reached it but She can't so she thought that no one can climb up there to get to her veranda and besides the three was planted inside the neighbors backyard.

Stretching while walking inside her room not noticing a two blue set of eyes watching her every move from the other side of the one way mirrored sliding door from the neighbor's master bedroom which is just oppossite of Jane's room.

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