Chapter 17: Threats

Zeke Armani

Everything had gone the way he had planned it all. From getting Blair to play his fake girlfriend and now Fiance he's reaping the results of his master plan. Work has been good, the shareholders, board of directors even his employees see him in a new light. He could see the new found Respect In their eyes and even a hint of jealousy. He guessed his life was every man's envy. Sales were up triple the amount, more stockholders, their newly launched Jewelry Brand sold out during the launch party and the sales as the massive. Stocks were up. The investors were happy. The board of directors were also happy. There was no talk of replacing him anymore..

He was happy with the results too, Plus, he was planning on taking Blair out to dinner tonight. He knew this amazing little restaurant that she would love.

"Good night Eva"He called to his secretary as he left the office.

“You too, Mr. Armani"Eva called out after him. “I made those reservations you asked for. Everything is set, j
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