A week later, Ruby stood at the aisle of an old church in a black overcoat and an umbrella in hand. What happened to start as a drizzle was now pouring heavily. She paid the cab driver and watched him zoom off. She felt her heart skip a beat as she surveyed her surroundings. The streets had emptied out as the rain fell heavier.

She felt her heart race as she pulled out her phone to read the address again. She was at the right place.

Now she wished she had taken Nate’s advice by letting the chauffeur drive her to the location. For all she knew, it could be a trap.

The church hadn’t been in use even before she was born. It was located in one of the isolated parts of the city.

“Follow me” a young boy of about seven said as he approached her.

He had a little umbrella over his head so she couldn’t see his face.

She had a lot of questions for him but reluctantly, she followed him. She scrunched her nose at the smell of dirt mixed with rain and wet sand.

Over the week, she decide
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