Ruby leaned against the door, she felt her heart almost jump out of its rib cage. She felt bad listening to their conversation but she was inquisitive. Taylor finding her in Nate’s house was what scared her the most. She had felt hungry earlier while making breakfast but her appetite had gone sour. At first, what they were saying was inaudible but she could tell they had a heated argument.

She leaned further, opening the door slightly ajar. It was risky but she was curious to know what was going on indeed. She could see Taylor sitting at a corner, her eyes looked like she hadn’t slept for hours. Ruby’s heart sunk, she felt sorry for her. It had been tough on Taylor, having her millions of followers turning their back on her and her dad’s stick declining too.

Mrs Wyatt in her usual manner was dolled up. For someone who claimed to be sad and going through a lot, she looked dolled up and had the latest Chanel handbag. Mr Wyatt on the other hand wore the scariest scowl Ruby had e
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