Ruby eyes narrowed into slits as she got closer to the now familiar black gate. She remembered how scared she was the first time she stood at the black gate but she wasn’t anymore. She did have a little pen knife in her purse just in case anything went wrong.

She pushed the wicket and rang the doorbell.

She didn’t want any second before she let herself into the house.

“Why are you so angry?” Doris asked, looking startled.

The poor lady was a little frightened by Ruby’s unexpected presence.

The Persian cat purred, showing off its canine teeth to Ruby as it sensed danger to its owner.

“Anderson is getting on my nerves and I’ve been patient enough” Ruby ranted and then slumped into a chair tiredly.

After Anderson’s two days elapsed, he still hadn’t booked the flight and she had no means of leaving the country.

“What is the matter?” Doris asked

Ruby sighed, one thing she liked about Doris was her ability to maintain a calm voice when things were falling apart.

She walk
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