The door creaked as she let herself into the house, she had thought of a plausible excuse but none was coming to her head. After Elijah dropped her off, she turned her phone on and watched as messages began flooding her phone.

She sighed when she saw Nate had sent her sixteen messages, he was worried about her and she had caused him so much pain.

She didn’t bother opening the message as she feared what was inside. She got a couple of messages from Esme and Ethan, those she wasn't willing to open at all as she knew they carried bad news or they were going to ruin her mood. Ethan had refused to speak to her no matter how many times she had tried to contact him, Cassie and some of the ladies asked her to give him space as they had noticed he had changed a lot.

“Why would you do that to me?”

She stopped in her tracks as she turned to face the direction of the voice. Nate was in the living room although the lights were turned off. She felt her heart sink immediately, his voice w
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