Ruby slipped her feet into her converse. She pulled her hair into a high ponytail and kept her face bare of any makeup. Esme asked her to meet at the slushy store they used to go to in highschool.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you there?” Nate asked with pouty lips

“I’ll be fine, I promise”

He made sure her phone was well charged and had even given her a powerbank and even a charger.

“And don’t forget to reply to your messages” he added

Ruby nodded with a smile. She loved when he doted on her and treated her like a baby.

“How’s Adam?”

“He gets discharged today so that’s good news”

Ruby nodded and placed a quick kiss on his forehead before running off.


Ruby sighed as she sipped her slushy, it tasted even better every single time she had it.

“Aren't you going to have yours?” She asked Esme

She had gotten to the store before Esme and ordered them something to drink. Mango was Esme’s favorite so she made sure to
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