What started out as a sunny day had slowly become a dark, gloomy rainy day. The mud stuck to his boots as the leaves crumpled on each step. The park was empty save for the security guard who looked like he was about to sleep any minute.

Nate sighed as he moved towards the back of the Ferris wheel just like he was instructed to.

The only thing that mattered was that he and Jake left the park alive, in one piece.

Contrary to how bubbly the park used to be, it seemed dead and lifeless. He smiled as he remembered how he would meet up with some of his friends from school on Saturdays at the park, while they were chatting, the kids would sneak off and buy some candy floss even though their mothers didn’t approve of it.

Nate felt his heart skip a beat as he approached the rollercoaster. He became nervous and was almost willing to turn back but he had come too far already. Waves of nostalgia and sadness ran through him as he took each step slowly. The roller coaster was his father’
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