“What the hell did you just do?” Katie demanded

Everyone had their eyes on Nate with their jaws dropping. One would face thought they had seen a ghost.

“What did you expect me to do?” Nate frowned as he took a seat and reached for a bottle of water.

The meeting with Wyatt hadn’t ended well. After Nate had agreed to marry Taylor, Wyatt proceeded to hand him a contract which stated that if there was any breach of their agreement, Wyatt could go ahead with his evil plans.

“What do you think Grace would say about this nonsense?” Katie fumed

She felt anger replace the blood that pumped through her veins. She was expecting some action and was all gassed for the evening. She sighed as she flexed her muscles and pumped her fists in the air. Ever since Nate asked her to help him take down Wyatt, she was extra excited and looked forward to the day she would finally lay her eyes on Wyatt and torture him.

She had thought she was finally going to get what she wanted that evening. As she w
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