“It was confirmed that Wyatt stayed at the abandoned house. Very few workers know about it. I paid an amount of money to one of the workers to help me find out what was really going on in the house”

Doris paused to throw a pebble in the lake. They watched as ripples were created while some birds flew away because they were flustered.

“The worker found out that food supplies and water were taken to the house every two days. Although he wasn’t able to go close to the house, he saw Wyatt leave the house once in a black jeep”

“I suppose that is where he kept Jake hostage the whole time”

Ruby squinted her eyes and rubbed at her jaw, a habit she had formed when she was brainstorming.

“If Wyatt released Jake, there must be something that is behind it. Wyatt likes to tie up all loose ends and make no mistakes although he’s quite a fool”

Ruby sighed, she was glad someone was finally reasoning with her.

“I asked Nate the same thing so many times but he always finds a way to b
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