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Hey besties, I listened to stay with me by Sam Smith when writing this,hope you enjoy it!

Her back and head were sore when she got back home. She pulled up in the garage tiredly. Her eyes caught his car, she wasn't mistaken, it was the car he drove out in. She'd expected him to come back home quite late. She knew she was in a lot of trouble.

She blamed everything on the cab driver whose car broke down on the road. She had gone to the newspaper house to see the reporter, not that she was allowed into the company anyway but she decided to hang around to catch a glimpse of the reporter's face.

She had told Nate she was feeling a bit sick before she went out and he made her promise not to get back home late.

"Where were you?" Nate demanded as she opened the door.

His tie was loose,he looked really worried and tired.

"I had to run some errands" she lied

She didn't have any strength to argue further and hoped he wasn't going to ask her any more questions.

"What erran
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