Few hours ago….

Ruby opted to walk home. The evening had gone badly. Nate had tried to explain his decisions but she wasn't having any of it. She felt stupid for bringing up the topic of marriage when she was aware of how he felt about getting married.

He tried to apologize but she was too embarrassed to listen to him. She left him at the park and decided to walk home.

She fought so hard not to cry.

It began drizzling. She cried even harder.

She pulled her glasses. The poor glasses had hit the wall but it served its purpose very well anyway. The next bus wasn't going to show until another thirty minutes. She frowned, regretting not driving to Grace’s house.

She flagged a cab down and she decided to see her mother.

The cab driver didn't mind that she was drenched in rain and she was going to ruin his chair.

The driver turned on the heater and increased the volume of the radio. Ruby wiped off her tears, she didn't want any sympathy from the driver who was already k
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