Few days until the wedding….

Cassie placed her hand on her stomach,she had quite a lot to eat. The strawberry cake was amazing. She sighed. Coming here wasn't a bad idea after all.

She steady herself on the sink, resting her arms on a nearby rail. Hiding in the toilet wasn't the best option but it was comfortable to her.

Her friend Monica kept giving her signals and chiding her to speak to the gentlemen. Her mother's attitude irritated her so she lied she had to use the bathroom real quick and she remained there.

The only disadvantage was that she was missing out on the yummy food. She wasn't sure how long she was going to hide but she could care less.

She groaned, she only agreed to attend the party because it was a trap for Ethan.

Ruby was certain that Ethan was going to show up because he had been promised a large sum of money. Ethan was running low on groceries and of course he needed money to survive.

Ruby planned that they used Cassie’s mother’s party as a distra
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