Ruby pulled up at the coffee shop. She could see Mark in the cafe, sitting on the table they normally say whenever they came to the cafe.

It warmed her heart so much.

She pulled the door of the cafe open and a little bell jingled above.

Mark’s eyes lit up immediately when he saw her. He pulled her in for a long hug.

Ruby was taken aback but hugged him back.

They remained in that position for about thirty seconds.

"Oh my, I'm sorry" Mark apologized, his cheeks flushed crimson.

He was surprised by his outburst of emotion.

"There's nothing to be sorry about, I missed you" Ruby said truthfully as she took the seat opposite Mark.

"What can I get you Miss?" a waitress asked as she walked up to their table.

"Cappuccino is fine," Ruby said with a small smile.

"I'll have the same," Mark said.

Mark waited for the waitress to finish taking their orders before he began their conversation.

"Ruby, how have you been? Why haven't you been taking my calls? I was dead ass worried
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