She sat in her car,her face buried in the steering wheel. The ordeal at Cassie’s party still has an effect on her. Her eyes were swollen from crying and she was still in the parking lot of the prison.

Her phone rang,it was Nate. She cleared her throat and took in deep breaths.

"Ruby" his masculine baritone said at the end of the receiver.

She smiled at the way he pronounced her adopted name.

"Hi Nate "she smiled

Ever since they shared their first kiss, her heart warmed up to him even more. They argued less and managed to have meaningful conversations every now and then.

"Where have you been?" he asked "I've been waiting for you all day"

She felt her heart flutter a little when he said he had been waiting.

"I went to run some errands,"she answered.

She bit her lower lip, waiting for a response. She hoped he wouldn't ask her what errands she had to run. He made sure everything she needed was gotten for her and he hated it when she drove around alone.

"Come home early so we
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