“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr Jacobin” the reporter started with a wide grin on his face

He was quite young, compared to the image Nate had formed in his head. He looked like and intern and was obviously a novice.

“I’m from the Statesman journal” the reporter continued. “My name is Tony and I’m excited to interview you”

Nate nodded and pressed his lips into a forced smile. It was difficult to focus when he had a lot of things on his mind, Ruby being top of the list.

“The photographer would be here very soon but we can begin the interview while we wait for him”

Nate nodded again and sipped his wine as he watched the reporter clumsy drop his bag on the floor and some papers went flying.

“Sorry” Tony apologized jittery and bent on his knees to scoop the papers.

Nate watched him closely, he felt irritation but tried to conceal it. Ever since he had issues with Ruby, he had developed a short temper and was always on the edge.

He sighed and rubbed at his temples, trying to
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