The sun rays forced its way into her room. Ruby yawned tiredly and stretched. She had a good night's sleep.

The previous night, after dinner, Mark and her decided to pass time by discussing childhood and other topics they had not talked about before.

A loud knock on the door,drove away the sleep from her eyes. "Come in"she said groggily,itching her eyes.

She was tired,all she wanted to do was spend all day in the comfort of the bedsheets.

"Good morning sleeping beauty"Mark said sonorously with a tray of food balanced on his hands.

She smiled. Mark had given her princess treatment since she came to his house,she was grateful for everything.

She couldn't picture Nate doing the same. She pinched herself,it was too early to think about him.

"Good morning Mark,"she smiled.

"How are you doing?"he asked and set the tray on her bed. The smell of fresh cakes and coffee warmed her up.

"I feel very much better,thank you so much Mark"she said.

"I made you scones and my best confectioneries,hope y
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