Marco paced angrily, a cigarette in hand. Taylor Wyatt wasn't making things easy for him. He had taken her to different islands and thrown the biggest parties for her friends.

He sighed as he drew in his smoke,how annoying could the spoiled brat get?

So far, her father's campaign was doing just fine and he had a good chance of winning the election. It was crazy that the office for the minister of finance election was more popular than that of the election for the office of president.

This was because very influential people were running for the post of Minister of finance. Occupying the office gave them free access to the country's wealth and they could loot money as much as they wanted to.

He spent the last week acting all lovey-dovey with Taylor. She made him buy her expensive designer bags. He was comforted by the fact that the new development site was doing just fine and he had a lot of shares in the company.

"Hey baby" Taylor called in her singsong voice and wrapped
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