It was time to go home.

After a day well spent, Nate and Ruby decided to leave. It was already past one in the morning. The couple had already started packing their things.

Ruby knew she had a long day ahead of her so she needed to get some sleep first.

She walked hand in hand with Nate to the car park. It hurt her that they would have to go their separate ways. She was too shy to ask him if they would meet again very soon.

Nate was exhausted but in a good way, he couldn't believe he would have to deal with the problems at the office by daybreak. Everything about it made him tired, just thinking about it made him tired.

He held Ruby’s soft hand, not wanting to let it go. Even though they had not given a name to the situation between them,he loved everything about her.

He was ready to take years off on vacation with her where there was nothing to disturb him.

"I want to drive you home" he said

He wasn't comfortable with her driving alone at night.

"No,I'll be fine," she
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