Chapter 4


Darcie was told that she won't be able to go home tonight so she decided to call her dad outside

"Hello dad"

"Hello was your first day at your new work" Mr Kuers asked

"Uh its good,I love it" Darcie replied

"I cook your favourite food,I can't wait for you to come home and taste the delicious food"

" that's exactly why I called,I don't think I'll be coming home tonight"

"But why??

"I........" She couldn't say out the word cos someone snatch her phone from behind and she looked back to see keith who glared at her

"Hello she won't be coming home till weekend and her line will be unavailable from now" keith said and hang up

"What's the meaning of that?? Darcie asked

"Meaning of what?? Can't you abide under the rules of the house?? Keith shouted at her

Darcie didn't say anything but just bow her head

"You don't have any right to this phone anymore" keith said and smashed the phone on the floor

"What?!!!" Darcie exclaimed

"So go inside and clear the cups there and also dust the table very well" keith said 

"That's a gift from my dad" Darcie said and was about to pick up the broken phone on the floor but keith held her hand

"I haven't even start playing the games with you and you're already going through this" keith pinched her on her wrist but she didn't flinch

"Keith?? A tiny female voice called 

"Uhm Sofia what're you doing here?? Keith asked while he let go of Darcie hand

"Is this the maid you've been maltreating?? Sofia asked

Darcie looked at the girl,she was really beautiful and has a long curly black hair

"Sofia,c'mon she's just.....

"Don't worry since you don't want her then I will just ask mom to make her my maid" Sofia said

"Sofia, stay out of this" keith said and looked at Darcie "hey make sure you do what I ask you to do" he said and walk away

Sofia went to her "am sorry for my brother's behaviour" she said and Darcie smile at her

"Noo its nothing, am a maid so he has the right to treat me anyhow"

"You're a maid and he has the right to treat you anyhow I admit that but he does not have the right to toy with your feelings" Sofia said

"Noo he's not" Darcie said

Sofia looked at Darcie and scoffed

"I don't think you really know whom keith is" Sofia said and walk away

Darcie was so angry because of keith behaviour but there's nothing she can do


She was dusting the table in his room which he instruct her to do and she was humming while dusting it then he accidentally broke a flower vase

"Oh my goodness" she whisper and was about clearing it up but it slightly cut her finger instead and blood was dripping down

"What am I going to do?? She asked herself then suddenly the door opened, Clark and Keith entered

Immediately Keith eyes met the broken vase on the floor,he gasped and quickly squatted while he gently picked it

It was his mom favourite vase,he glared at Darcie angrily

"Hey are you stupid or what?? He shouted and pinned her to the wall,he grab her by the neck 

"Keith stop" clark said from behind as he grab his hand

"Stay out of this Clark"


"What is going on here??Mrs Smith said but keith didn't care,he continue to strangle Darcie neck

"Stop this instantly" Mrs Smith shouted at him and was about to stop him but keith mistakenly pushed her

Keith looked at her and quickly released Darcie

"Are you all right mom??

"Don't call me that,keith what else did you want,have shown you all motherly love but still you find it too hard to get over your mom's death,it has been almost 13 years now"

"She's my real mom while you're just my step mom,how did you expect me to forget her so easily?? 

"But keith it has been 13 years since......

"13 years??? My dad really loves my mom a lot but when you came, he just forget about her and with your flirt act you.....

Mrs Smith Slapped him on his left cheek and went out angrily

Keith sigh and quickly went after her,he didn't really mean all what he said 

Clark went to Darcie and see her hand bleeding,he quickly brought the first aid box on the shelve but Darcie put her hand away

"I will treat it myself" Darcie said and bow her head,she wanted to leave but Clark held her back and in the process,she twisted her leg and fell on top of clark

Clark looked into her eyes deeply and was drawing his lips close to hers but Darcie quickly stood up and went out

Darcie went to the Maid Quarters,she kept thinking about what in keith room between clark and her "was he about to kiss her",also about Mrs Smith and keith,she prayed Mrs Smith forgive keith for his rude behaviour,she enter the room and was surprised when she couldn't find anyone

"Where did they go?? She said

"I think they all went to the fifth floor open room"A female said from behind

"Fifth floor?? She asked and quickly went there

As soon as she got inside the open room, all eyes were on her

"Ma that's the new maid" someone said and all the maid start murmuring

Darcie eyes met Chloe who was looking terrified and then her eyes caught the woman sitting on the chair,she must be in her sixty

"Are you Darcie Kuers?? The woman asked

"Yes ma'am" Darcie replied

"Tell me between gold,silver and diamond,which one is your favourite?? Mrs Dalton asked

"I like Gold ma" she said and the maid start to murmur again

"Which one will you prefer between a locket,a necklace or a chain or better still a bracklet?

Darcie didn't know why she's asking her those question but she must reply truthfully "I like locket but I prefer necklace"

Mrs Dalton smiled and brought out a gold necklace "how about this??


"What did you think of this necklace???

"Ma its beautiful"

"Then will you like to have it??Mrs Dalton asked

"Am sorry ma but what's the point of you giving me when I won't wear it" Darcie said

"And why won't you wear it??

"Because I already have a locket"Darcie said while showing her the locket around her neck "its a gift from someone dear to me and I promise never to remove it" Darcie said

"Wow but actually this gold necklace is mine and was found in a small bag which I believe must be yours"Mrs Dalton said while showing her the necklace again and her bag


"But how?

"So you're a thief" Mrs Dalton said

"No am not plsss"

Mrs Dalton signal to one of the guards

"Take her to the security and make them flog her 34 strokes and throw her out of this house...I don't want to see her in this house again" Mrs Dalton said and Darcie start pleading


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