Chapter 8

Keith clenched his fist and glared at Darcie as she walk away

"Do you have any idea why she's here? Clark said from behind

"How on earth will I know? Keith blurted

"Well....I guess there will be a huge fight between jessy and Darcie" Clark chuckled

"Just shut up Clark" keith said and was about walking away when Jessica walked up to him

" keith, so its true, that ugly bitch is your girlfriend?? Jessica yelled

"Hey if you want to call someone ugly then look at yourself in the mirror first before insulting someone" keith said and walk away

"Wha.....what the heck?? Jessica said and angrily hit her leg on a trash can


Keith went for his swimming class and to his surprise darcie was also there interacting to some students

Keith went over to her and drag her but Darcie jerk his hand away

"Urr..this should be the last time you drag me anyone in public" Darcie said and pointed her finger at him

"Get your filthy hands off me and just tell me why you're here,is my grandmom or my mom behind thi
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