Chapter 11

"C'mon she's what?? Tell me and stop looking at her" Jessica yelled at Sofia

"Why're you yelling at me?? Sofia yelled back

"Okay this isn't the time for argument, I will just go inside with my girlfriend and we're gonna sort things out ourselves" Keith said and Sofia chuckled

"Your girlfriend?? She asked while she arched her eyebrows

"Yes my girlfriend" Keith also do the same by arching his brow

"Sofia tell me the truth,, who's this slut?? Jessica asked and Darcie was angry to hear that

"Hey watch your mouth or better still, did you want me to watch it for you" darcie said and Jessica slowly move back cos she recall how darcie pinned her to the wall

"Jessica just let them be, follow me u have something to show you" Sofia said and slowly drag Jessica away

Darcie pick her apron from the floor and was about going but Keith held her hand

"Where did you think you're going to?? Keith asked

"What sort of question is that?? Don't you hear when your sister said the head of the maid n
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