Chapter 13

When Darcie woke up,she met herself on the bed with chloe and a strange girl whom she has never seen before sitting next her, she manage to sit and the girl quickly went out to get her a cup of orange juice

"Darcie are you okay?? Chloe asked while she touch her fore head,

"What happened??

"So you don't remember what happen yesterday??

"Not really just........" she shut her eyes




Clark was looking for Darcie when he sighted Sofia who was about falling from the building, he quickly ran to her and assisted her

When Keith find out that Clark has save Sofia,he went over to darcie who was lying helpless on the floor , struggling to get in her feet but Keith pick her up and darcie slightly open her eyes,she notice that he has a burn at the back of his hand




"Keith?? Where is he?? Darcie asked

"He's in his room, Mrs Smith assign some nurses to treat him

"I must go and check on him" she said while she start undressing herself and wrap a towel around her chest

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