Chapter 27


"It has been 15minutes now but she didn't say anything" the guard said

"Can you hear yourself?? 15 minutes not even an hour" he said and went back to the receiver

"So Darcie are you ready to say the word"

"Keith I will never say that, no matter what, you will be the one to open this damn fucking thing yourself" Darcie yelled and Keith pressed his fingertips hard against his lips

"Fine then stay there" he said and walk out



Darcie was still in the elevator, she didn't want to say the word cos she didn't want to regret it afterwards


After what seems like an hour, Keith couldn't stand it anymore as he order his guards to release her, when Darcie came out, Keith went to her and smiled

" I promise you that you will be the one saying the word without me not forcing you " Keith said and Darcie scoffed

"We will see about that, just take me out of here" she said but Keith just kept smiling

" am almost late for work" she yelled and Keith stood up

"Fine, you don't have to yell at me, sin
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